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Getting more Information

Getting more Information

The Laudato Si' Movement is the "go-to" organization for you to know about. It has an animators' program that consists of a series of webinars, brief reflection assignments, networking opportunities, and a small local project. That's how EcoPhilly started!

The Catholic Climate Covenant provides ample resources for the establishment
and nourishment of creation care teams.

Simply being on their mailing list and keeping an eye out for actionable ideas in
your own parish community is a great place to start. 

There are also comprehensive PowerPoint presentations compiled by EcoPhilly, ready for download:

''Energy, Pollution and the Climate Crisis'



*** CONTACT US*** if you have any questions


Articles of General Interest

Articles of General Interest

A Vatican-sponsored webinar the week of Earth Day 2021 paired famed primatologist Jane Goodall with Cardinal Peter Turkson for a conversation about biodiversity and its importance in preserving life on Earth, not just for people but for the entire planet

Happier cows fed on sustainable grasslands managed for birds as well as cattle - and not grazing lands where rain forests once grew

CNBC 'Make It', published February 14 2021

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